Dj Reactive 

Docente Corso da Dj


Dj Reactive is an Italian Disc Jockey & Producer

born in Lagonegro (Potenza) in 1984, he began his career at the age of 14 years in various private parties of Lagonegrese,
shortly after collaborates with a local radio mixing in a weekly dance program, in 2008 became Resident DJ in the main local in Salerno and Potentino, during the summer 2009-2010 participated in several races and DJ contest, winning once the first place and one the second.

At the end of 2010, he decided to move abroad and competed in a Swiss recording studio, publishing his first single "Emotive Locomotives", followed by another 7 singles.

In 2013 "Reactive" cooperates with a record label "Music Evolution" and launches its first E.P called Jolly with the latter closing a very important three-year phase where all his published songs are outlined with a style purely personal, because they include little electronics based on the House Progressive, as for the remix Reactive follows a line very Commercial House, in 2014 creates an experimental project and publishes a new single "Love in India", where it aims exclusively at the Middle Eastern market.

In 2015 "Dj Reactive" participates in an international contest, on the famous portal "House-mixes", where he conquers the fourth position, in this case he is again awarded for the best mix and selection, obtaining 2 weeks of free promotion on the portal.

From 2016-2017 Reactive plays weekly for a Greek radio "Restradio" with its program called "Exclusive Deep", at the same time announced the publication of "Welcome to Summer 2016" published by Palace Musix & Cea Production of Basel, and another project called "Vocal Deep Lab", in a few days Reactive wins the Top 10 Mixes on Beatport, "Vocal Deep Lab Vol " reaches the 5th position simultaneously Reactive also enters the ranking Top 10 DJs.

Currently Reactive follows the Progressive House line and appears on the market with its name, while with external projects using pseudonyms.
During the summer of 2018 he announces the imminent arrival of his first album which is expected to debut in the second quarter of 2019.